Prepare your track for mastering

  1. Finalize your mix. Your final mix (which is the one you will be sending to your mastering engineer) should be as close to your creative vision as possible. This typically means that the levels are appropriately balanced, there are no wayward peaks or inaudible sections, and the mix is reasonably similar in tonal quality to other tracks within it’s genre
  2. Remove any compressor, limiter or maximizer processing plugins on the master bus. If you use Sonarworks, disable that as well. We will take care of the dynamics and final processing during mastering.
  3. Leave Space at the Beginning and End of Your Track. At least 4 seconds at the beginning of your track and 15 to 30 seconds extra at the end of your track to catch the reverb tails.
  4. Any Headroom is Fine. As long isn’t clipping and to quiet.
  5. Do not Dither your Tracks. I’ll take care of that.
  6. Export your track at least in 44.1khz Sample Rate and with 24bit Bit Depth in WAV or AIFF format.
  7. Give your files a proper name. For example: 1. Ian Mono – Dub Track (original mix)_premaster.wav.
  8. Include a reference track. This will give me a good idea of what direction you want to go with your masters. Make sure it’s a WAV or AIFF
  9. Listen once more to your track (Quality Control)! Make sure there are no clicks, pops, noises, reverb tail cutoffs in your tracks.
  10. Optional: ISRC Meta Data. If you want your ISRC codes to be included in the WAV and MP3 files.